The Kraken Has Been Released – Now It’s Up to the American People

The Kraken Has Been Released – Now It’s Up to the American People

Absolute Interference” has been released by Mike Lindell, and every American ought to watch it by clicking here.  (If you watch it yourself, you won’t need anyone to tell you what to think about it.  You’ll know.)

As Lindell often points out, every American, regardless of political affiliation, ought to care about what has been uncovered and presented for all to see and understand:  China successfully hacked into and determined the outcome of the US election.

Lindell is a recovered crack addict, and he is a Christian who speaks of his faith more than some are comfortable with.  But those are utterly irrelevant factors in evaluating Absolute Interference.

Only the true communists of the radical left would dismiss Lindell’s evidence; true Americans—who love their country—will be shaken at the breadth and scope and undeniable reality of the election fraud of November 2020.

The good news for America as a whole is that Absolute Interference enables everyone to point to a foreign nation—China—as the principal culprit, which, among other things, allows the Democrat Party to avoid complete destruction if it will only manifest the basic honesty and decency to acknowledge that the election was stolen and cannot be allowed to stand.

It will be incredibly revealing to see which Democrats, if any, pass the basic honesty and decency test.  Because as Lindell’s evidence is digested by the body politic, the reality is that there’s really no argument left as to whether there is proof of election fraud on a scale that changed the result.  All that’s really left is some version of ‘well, it’s too late, water-under-the-bridge, fix-it-next-time, but we’ve inaugurated a new president and have to live with it’.

That’s going to be the argument of the Swamp and much of the legacy media.  Wall Street, too, and craven corporate CEOs are going to fiercely resist any change to the presidency.  Trump had been banished, America First was a thing of the past, and the globalist reset was on its way.

But here is where the American people come in.  We have commented many times about how wildly out of touch America’s ruling class is from the ‘average’ American.

Average Americans have known the election was stolen since November 3rd, and have stood by flabbergasted as they have watched their ruling class gaslight them over and over and over again to the effect that what they saw with their own eyes and felt in their own hearts and guts—Trump won in a landslide—did not really happen.

They watched as the FBI Director and the Attorney General of the United States knowingly looked the other way as the stolen election went forward.  They watched an utterly gutless Supreme Court refuse to even look at the evidence.

Now they’ve watched 100 days of a fraudulently ‘installed’ administration terrifying the country with a radical left agenda that no one voted for and that reeks of a communist Chinese imprimatur.

And the American people have had enough.  Most of Lindell’s evidence had already been viewed 150 million times in previous documentary formats—before the release of American Interference.   They are not going to allow the ruling class to perpetuate this steal of an election and the destruction of their nation.

How will the disgust and determination of the American people be manifested?

Remember the Egyptian people, who rose en masse in 2013 to insist that Mohamed Morsi—installed as head of state by a Muslim Brotherhood-engineered operation—be removed.  No legal procedure was needed to overturn the fraudulent installation; neither was violence.  They simply had the overwhelming clout of a righteously indignant people who took to the streets to make clear that they refused to be governed by a fraud, and insisted that their government had to conform to the will of the people.

The American people have a case for righteous indignation that dwarfs what the Egyptians felt.

China does not get to steal an American election and destroy America in broad daylight without firing a shot.  We’d guess well over half of Democrat voters would agree with that statement, and on the right the tally would be nearly unanimous.


It’s been fashionable even among RINO-type attorneys and pundits to smirk at Sidney Powell’s post-election promises to ‘release the Kraken’ to prove the November 2020 election was stolen.  She had most of Lindell’s evidence and intuited the rest, and she did in fact present a clear version of it to a judicial system unwilling—for political or intimidation or blackmail reasons—to review the evidence.    She actually did release the Kraken; but a corrupt or cowardly judiciary, combined with a disinformation/gaslighting/censorship campaign by Big Tech and legacy media, simply made it appear for a while that it wasn’t persuasive and so she had failed.  It wasn’t Sidney Powell who failed.

Mike Lindell has bypassed the courts and taken the ‘Kraken’ right to the American people as judge and jury.  Good move.  Absolute Interference is overwhelmingly persuasive; it will be a landmark of American history.

Now it’s going to be up to the American people to insist that their government acknowledge the truth and conform to the consent of the governed.