Time for America to Get Serious About 2020 Election Fraud

Time for America to Get Serious About 2020 Election Fraud

The state of discussion of election fraud—currently limited to alternative media—is tiresome in its devotion to personalities rather than facts.

Mike Lindell is a former crack addict.  Patrick Byrne is too slick.  Sidney Powell is too absolute.  Dr. Douglas Frank is too corny.  Seth Keshel is too home-spun.

And besides all this, Orange Man Bad so Joe Biden as President is good…and therefore there was no election fraud.

Outright censorship by the legacy media is even worse.

All of this is so unserious as to the deadly serious subject of election fraud in 2020.  It’s time for a new tack.

Dr. Douglas Frank has discovered, explained and demonstrated the algorithms implemented via voting machines in red and blue states throughout the country.  Where sufficient data has been publicly available in any given state, as night follows day, Dr. Frank has been able to show with mathematical precision, invariably and irrefutably, how software algorithms determined voting results in every state he has been able to examine.

There is one and only one explanation for Dr. Frank’s demonstrated analysis:  the election was rigged.  There is no other possible explanation.  Mathematically certain, predictable results in every county of a state do not and cannot occur randomly or by happenstance or coincidence; they can only happen because they are programmed to happen.

Any commenter on election fraud who is not familiar with Dr. Frank’s work, or is not technically competent to understand it, is simply not qualified to comment.

And once anyone understands Dr. Frank’s work, there isn’t any further question about whether the 2020 election was rigged—and almost certainly in all 50 states.  It was plainly, beyond any doubt, rigged.  (And that’s not to denigrate the adequacy of the election fraud evidence being presented by Lindell, Byrne, Powell and Keshel and others; it is simply to point out that Dr. Frank’s work, by itself, ends the debate about whether the election was rigged.)

This is a staggering realization for most Americans; it goes against everything Main Street Americans want to believe about their country; and Americans instinctively recognize that unless this systemic fraud is uprooted and eliminated, there is no future for America as a constitutional Republic.

And so in a serious country led by serious people, there would be no more time wasted on the insufferably shallow silliness of alternating hit pieces on the personalities or personal histories of Lindell, Byrne, Powell, Frank or Keshel, or even on Donald Trump.

There would be no more discussion of the adequacy of the evidence.

Censorship of the entire subject would end.

A serious country led by serious people with a serious media would ferociously zero in on the principle that free and fair elections are fundamental to American survival, and on the critical questions:

  • How was this allowed to happen in 2020?
  • Who is responsible for directing the 2020 election fraud?
  • What exactly must be done to end this fraud in all future elections? And…
  • What is the right remedy to apply for the 2020 fraud?

Very obviously, there are extremely powerful and ruthless and dangerous elements of the global ruling class who have everything to lose if the full truth of who orchestrated the 2020 election fraud comes out.  No action to block this truth would be ruled out by these elements; this is for all the marbles.

This is why the spineless, money-grubbing think tanks—including the so-called ‘conservative’ ones—and Beltway networking organizations won’t touch the reality of election fraud with a ten-foot pole.  There is way too much personal danger to the visible spokespeople, not to mention risk of alienating deep pocket donors who generally do not like anything that threatens the status quo which has enabled them to become deep pocket donors.

So…America is rapidly approaching a make-or-break moment. The ‘cyber Pearl Harbor’ of November 3, 2020 was and is every bit as dangerous and consequential to America and the world as the December 7, 1941 version.  It represents massive, organized criminal activity on a global scale that few can comprehend.  It has to be squarely faced, and fixed.

SCOTUS will soon be given a second chance to do the right thing.

The overwhelming pressure on SCOTUS will be to not rock the boat and to believe that the next election cycles represent the ‘least upheaval’ option for America to ride out the stolen election attack.  But at the core of this approach is the belief that America can revive and survive without elected official and institutional leadership committed to respect for truth and principle.   It can’t.

The American people by and large live their daily lives with respect for truth and the rule of law.  Which is why they currently feel almost completely disconnected from the American ruling class.  This state of disconnect cannot continue.

It’s time for America to get serious.