UPDATED – Vaccinated v. Unvaccinated?  Or Is It Really:  Lindell v. Fauci?

UPDATED – Vaccinated v. Unvaccinated?  Or Is It Really:  Lindell v. Fauci?

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Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is ongoing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It has since inception been under massive cyber attack to stop his message from getting out to the world (that ought to tell you something…why attack the Symposium if it is all a fraud?  Why not let everyone watch it so the fraud is obvious to all?).

Lindell has been very plain about what he intends to present:  37 terabytes of ‘pcaps’ or packet captures that purport to show definitive proof of electronic vote manipulation in the November 2020 election.  The manipulations, according to Lindell, came from China, and the effect was to transform a landslide re-election of Donald Trump into a victory for Joe Biden.

Patrick Byrne is predicting Lindell’s data will prove to be authentic and will in fact prove what Lindell has been claiming.  Others insist Lindell has been duped or set up or is just stupid…and presumably are eager to collect the $5 million Lindell has promised to anyone who can prove that what he has is fake.

If Lindell has the goods, as he claims, his Symposium may prove to be one of the most monumental events in American history and maybe even world history.  Because even if it doesn’t appear to move the needle in real time, it will in very short order grow into a gargantuan elephant in America’s living room that will ultimately force a reckoning between the forces of freedom and the Marxist revolutionaries that are running the federal government—opening borders, fomenting racial agitation, corrupting the military, spending America into oblivion, imposing vaccine mandates without a foundation in science—because they grabbed power through a criminal fraud perpetrated on the American people.

Reverse the election fraud, and every bit of the leftist agenda is stopped in its tracks and reversed.

That’s the context from which to view the latest in the consistently bizarre behavior of Anthony Fauci.  He’s fully aligned with the leftist agenda, and they and he don’t want anyone to even think about election fraud, much less about reversing the fraud.

So how do we know he’s fully aligned with the leftist agenda?

Fauci has never acted like an honest and concerned physician who wants to see sick people get well.

His suppression and even mocking of any talk of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin or budesonide as covid therapies might have made sense if there were a glaring record of death and damaging side effects from their use.  But there never was such a record and in fact the record that began with America’s frontline doctors and voluminous anecdotal evidence of therapeutic efficacy has over time become documented and affirmed in double-blind studies.  The therapies have shown efficacy; and their existence undercuts the need for any vaccine, much less a mandated vaccine.  (That’s what India discovered).

An honest and concerned physician who wants to see sick people get well, and is faced with an allegedly unknown contagious virus, would welcome any and all evidence of any and every efficacious treatment.  He would demand verification of the evidence of efficacy, but if it checks out, he would be shouting from the rooftops that there are now good reasons to be less fearful.

But Fauci has never done anything but stoke fear, to this day (more on that later).  Yet he also could never find it in him to denounce the Antifa/BLM riots of summer 2020 as dangerous super-spreader events.  An immunology expert acting in good faith on his medical expertise doesn’t make political exceptions to pandemic safety protocols…if his top priority is to stop the pandemic.

Then there’s the matter of Fauci and the funding of the Wuhan lab and ‘gain-of-function’ research.

An honest and concerned physician who has directed the funding of gain of function research in a Chinese lab, and learns of a possible leak from that lab, would feel a deep personal agony over what might have happened indirectly on his watch and its implications on world health.  He would openly acknowledge the funding; he would state his reason(s) for believing it was responsible to fund the research in China instead of America; and he would disclose to the public what he knows about the research that was being done and what he believes the remedy to be.  He would desperately want to prevent humanity from being harmed by a mistake he never wanted or expected to occur.

But Fauci denied and dissembled, over and over.  He initially insisted the virus arose from ‘nature’ even though he knew it probably arose from a lab leak.  He said he (through NIH and affiliates) didn’t fund Wuhan; he later said he did fund Wuhan but not gain-of-function research; he said even later he did fund gain-of-function research but not THAT gain-of-function.  Instead of being open and honest about his role at Wuhan and working his butt off to make sure the harm from Wuhan’s ‘mistake’ was minimized, he obscured his role, and suppressed information about therapies that would alleviate the harm to humanity.


UPDATE – 9/7/21 So it turns out documents outed via a FOIA proceeding initiated by the left-wing publication The Intercept demonstrate conclusively that Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function research.  As in, he answered an extremely important question relating to the extent of his/US involvement in the creation of a man-made coronavirus, with a conscious lie. 

This is extraordinarily uncomfortable news for Americans, but not primarily because it confirms Fauci lied to Congress.  It is uncomfortable because of all the follow up questions it raises which either won’t be asked of Dr. Fauci, or will be asked but will now be answered by a fully proven liar. 

The naïve and gullible will want to put a tidy boundary around Fauci’s lies in order to get to a more digestible conclusion–‘well, he was embarrassed about the Wuhan funding and didn’t handle the answer very well, but he’d never lie about anything else.’…such as…about the efficacy of HCQ, ivermectin, budesonide, FDA approval of a vaccine, VAERS data on covid-19 vaccines and how it compares to other vaccines, etc.  Or about DoD involvement in any of this.  Or his wife’s involvement.  Nah, he just told one lie, and the rest of his answers and assurances of integrity and honesty and good faith in the handling of this pandemic (which he predicted in 2017) and all of the elements of response–masks, social distancing, lockdowns–were all about ‘science’.   

The ranks of the naïve and gullible are growing smaller every day, and the stench around the pandemic is growing, as it should.



His behavior is radically out of synch with the higher class of caring physicians, but it is perfectly aligned with one who is enthralled by the use of pandemic power to achieve a great reset of society.

The latest example of weird behavior is Fauci’s public expectation that the FDA will soon remove the ‘experimental’ designation on one or more of the covid vaccines, after which he expects (urges?) a ‘flood’ of vaccine mandates from concerned local governments, schools and businesses. He’s plainly signaling to the media that that they should project relief that FINALLY, even the stupid ‘vaccine hesitancy’ group can rest in the assurance that the FDA would never abandon safety standards in approving a vaccine…and everyone can now agree vaccines should be mandatory.

But let’s review what the CDC says about where we are in the fight against covid, and where we are with the vaccines.

In terms of covid deaths, the CDC timelines indicate the worst is clearly over:

Indeed, a layman would look at the current death rates and conclude they are now at pre-pandemic levels, which is arguably another way of saying…the pandemic is over.

The CDC’s latest VAERS data shows the following:

US vaccine history indicates 11,940 deaths is unprecedentedly high; an early vaccine for the swine flu was suspended from further public use upon just 36 deaths.  That’s thirty-six deaths that led to suspending a vaccine program, but we are now at over 12,000 deaths and Fauci wants to make these vaccines mandatory.  Who thinks this way?

And let’s not forget CDC data on the lethality of covid:

Why would any physician want to mandate a vaccine with that kind of VAERS data for a disease that basically has a 99+% survival rate, with or without a vaccine?

As to lifting the ‘experimental’ designation, there is literally no way for there to be long term studies confirming safety and efficacy for the covid vaccines.  Long term studies typically require three to five years of data; the covid vaccines haven’t been in use even a year.  And besides, the FDA is aware that Moderna and Pfizer eliminated their placebo control group in a major trial—which means they’ve destroyed a key element of proving safety and efficacy scientifically.

Yet not even a week after Joe Biden claims the experimental designation will likely be lifted in mid-September, Fauci publicly asserts that he expects this action even sooner—i.e., in the month of August—with the grateful expectation that it will trigger a flood of vaccine mandates.

Folks, this behavior doesn’t make any sense.  It has no grounding in ‘science’.

There is simply no way the FDA can lift the experimental designation consistent with prior standards.  Overruling prior standards and precedent might make sense if the country were in danger of losing millions of people and the vaccines were the only hope.  But the CDC’s own data says neither of those conditions are even remotely present.

And on top of all that, now news is spreading all over the world that vaccinated individuals are coming down with covid—e.g., 95% of the most serious covid cases in Israel involve fully vaccinated people.

So what in the world explains the hell-bent-for-vaccine-mandates behavior of Anthony Fauci?

Again, his behavior is radically out of synch with the higher class of caring physicians, but it is perfectly aligned with man of the left who is enthralled by the use of pandemic power to achieve a great reset of society.

And that power is profoundly threatened by none other than:  Mike Lindell.

The Marxist revolutionaries controlling the federal government do not want Lindell’s cyber proof of election fraud to have any media oxygen whatsoever.  So the media will be encouraged (told?) to ignore the Symposium, or to listen to leftist ‘experts’ who say Lindell has nothing.

But the Marxists are clearly worried that they are in danger of losing with both of those tactics.

What’s left to be done?   Fauci speeches to keep covid fear cranked to level 10, including hyped talk of mandated vaccines as the only path to national health.  Keep national attention focused on covid hysteria and NOT on conclusive proof of an election stolen by those enthralled by the use of pandemic power to achieve a great reset of society…ultimately controlled by communist China.

Keep this in mind as you watch the next few weeks of Fauci speeches and public interviews.

As we noted in another post, if you are starting to feel like you are being played in a scripted out pandemic drama created to serve a radical leftist agenda—it’s because you are.