VP Pence: Be Winston, Not Neville

VP Pence: Be Winston, Not Neville

Here’s fervently hoping and praying that when January 6, 2021 arrives, Vice President Mike Pence will rise to the historic occasion now facing America.

That he will recognize the widespread attempted orchestrated theft of the American presidency and refuse to validate it. And that because that theft is at the hands of an anti-American, anti-Christian, globalist reset leftist cabal funded by and entangled with foreign actors that intend the destruction of America’s freedom, he will speak and act with strength and passion. That he recognizes this election calls for his highest sense of duty, one that transcends every human law:  a duty to uphold the truth, and stop the cabal.

Mike Pence among elected officials is a paragon of virtue, especially by the standards of the early 21st century.  He is unapologetic about his deep and abiding Christian faith; he is staunchly pro-life and openly devoted to the idea of marriage and marital fidelity as something more than a hollow tradition.  He and his wife and children radiate patriotism and a spirit of service to America.  He has shown great moral courage standing for these values, and by the estimate of millions of Americans, is a very good man.

Vice President Pence is being called on to recognize that election 2020 is a crucible moment for America’s future. He’s being called on to rise above the assessment of his role on January 6th as envelope-opener, and to recognize he is one of the few remaining roadblocks available to America to stop this foreign enemy-orchestrated, massive, attempted theft of an election.

There is reasonable legal opinion to the effect that the office of the Vice President does not have discretion under the Constitution to do anything on January 6th other than open one set of envelopes and count the votes contained in them.

Given such a legal opinion, and in light of outgoing AG Bill Barr having staked the DOJ’s position as ‘yeah, there was fraud and it’s not good, but it didn’t change the outcome’, it’s not hard to understand how Pence might conclude his duty as Vice President is to adhere to a strict reading of the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, waive through the December 14 Electoral College vote and make Joe Biden the President-elect.

Pence could then rationalize and join with Barr’s apparent trust that American ‘institutions’ will, over time, correct any wrongs that may be involved in inaugurating Joe Biden as President.  Pence may even believe this is the best course for tamping down unrest in America—for relative peace under all the circumstances.

This course of action is parallel to the one chosen by Neville Chamberlain.

Neville Chamberlain wasn’t a bad man.  He obviously reasoned that the leftist mob of the late 1930’s, called Nazis, could be appeased by giving them what they wanted—the German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia.  He thought he could preserve relative peace by doing so.  He was apparently unable to see it as merely the first step of what they wanted; he did not discern the actionable malevolence of their intent; he trusted the promises of lies and liars.

The parallel question for Vice President Pence is not just whether election fraud happened, but what will the consequence be of failing to confront, expose and reject it.

Neither Vice President Pence nor any House member or US Senator can claim there is no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.  No fair-minded person informed of the facts can claim there was no election fraud, or that the fraud did not alter the election outcome.  No court in America that has ruled on election fraud claims in 2020 has examined the massive and still mounting evidence. All dismissed cases on procedural grounds…no standing, premature, too late, etc.

Everyone in America saw the Election Night/Week fraud with their own eyes—the critical swing states ALL heading toward a Trump re-election; the inexplicable-except-as-orchestrated-fraud simultaneous shutdown of vote counting in five states; the inexplicable-except-as-orchestrated-fraud post-shutdown arrival of massive ballot dumps; the tallies of those ballot dumps showing inexplicable-except-as-orchestrated-fraud weighting toward Biden; the inexplicable-except-as-orchestrated-fraud result that those dumps were just enough in each case to overcome Trump’s lead and make Biden the winner.  There was massive election fraud—all of it in favor of Biden; it manifestly changed the outcome.  That was its purpose.

Neville Chamberlain thought he could buy “peace in our time” by capitulating to the Nazis, blind to the fact that their mission was bigger than capturing Sudetenland.

A similar blindness could delude America into thinking a successful steal of the Presidency in 2020 is all that this cabal wants. But this mob will not stop.  The leftist agenda to re-sell out to China; re-appease Iran; re-destroy the American economy with more pandemic fear-mongering and climate change alarmism; to defund the police; to eviscerate constitutional rights of free speech and the free exercise of religion—the agenda goes on and on, and it is not a secret—it is being shouted from the rooftops every day in the Pravda media.


Winston Churchill saw the whole picture of his day long before the rest of the western world’s leaders; he saw Hitler and the Nazis for who they were and their agenda for what it was; he saw western civilization’s need to stop them.  History will never know how many lives might have been saved and how much destruction might have been avoided had Churchill been in Chamberlain’s position in 1938.

So it may be worth considering one of Churchill’s pearls of wisdom and insight:

The destiny of mankind is not decided by material computation. When great causes are on the move in the world … we learn that we are spirits, not animals, and that something is going on in space and time, and beyond space and time, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.


So January 6, 2021 is now on the immediate horizon.  ‘Material computation’ may say the Vice President must count the ‘official’ votes as presented to him.  But again, and as Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has warned, election 2020 is a ‘crucible moment’ in American history.  Which is another way of saying ‘great causes are on the move in the world’.

The December 14 Electoral College votes that will be presented to the Vice President from at least five election-determining states are flat out fraudulent.  And the duty that transcends time and space calls for honoring truth, not fraud.

For Vice President Pence, the greatest of duties calls:  to protect, in Abraham Lincoln’s words,the last best hope of earth…The way is plain…a way which if followed, the world will forever applaud, and God must forever bless”.

Let’s hope he’ll answer the call to stop the steal.

Eric and Debbie Georgatos blog at America Can We Talk?