Time to Get Mad

Time to Get Mad

It’s time for Americans to get mad at this pandemic farce.

Americans are watching their 250-year heritage of freedom and unequalled prosperity be destroyed as thoroughly as any enemy could ever envision. They are being manipulated by constant drumbeats and ‘polls’ of fear; by ‘expert’ proclamations of ‘science’ that have ordered a new normal that erases centuries of norms of joy in personal interaction; by a new ‘shelter-in-place’ culture that mocks and denies the virtues that spark and fulfill the American dream.

Americans’ inherent decency and compassion are being played—being turned on their head to make the complete surrender of freedom the only worthy measure of care for the vulnerable or suffering.

This is no less deadly or accidental than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This has an increasingly unmistakable feel of being orchestrated by leftists in the form of the CCP and America’s MSM and probably by holdover leftists from the Obama administration still operating within the federal government. Coup #3 is the least of their objectives; the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America is at the top.

Americans on December 8, 1941 had the same choices Americans have today. The enemy at that time looked far more powerful than a virus; the US Navy had suffered enormous losses of sailors and ships (not a few hundred ‘asymptomatic’ infected sailors on an aircraft carrier); and the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany looked invincible throughout Europe (not just a threat to senior nursing homes).

A ‘new normal’ of negotiated surrender was an option then, too. Maybe America could work with the Japanese and Germans; maybe negotiated peace wouldn’t be so bad; it could avoid so much death and destruction.

But having been reminded that the only thing to fear is fear itself, Americans found within themselves the spirit to fight back; to get angry—nobody and nothing takes down America and American freedom. Americans do not run and do not roll over.

And forget the notion that it was a President or a particular General or Admiral that made the difference. There was a President and there were many Generals and Admirals who did good and even great things, but they were not the cause of victory; they were the effect of America and Americans responding to protect and defend the spirit of America and the spirit that resided in themselves. They saw the outrage of attacking America, they got mad, they found their resolve, and the enemies ultimately found out they never had a chance against that righteous anger.

It’s time for the same in the face of this fear pandemic. Damn it all! We can protect the vulnerable, but we can trust the healthy. We can trust American freedom.

This nation is founded on the core principle of individual freedom and responsibility under God.

Leftists at all times and especially during his pandemic attack each and every element of that core principle. Specifically:

  • There is no loving God or Creator and inalienable rights from that Creator; there is only virus ‘science’ and the rights and limitations defined by the virus.


  • There is no sense of personal responsibility for individual hygiene and health (take care of yourself!); there is only victimhood in the face of ‘government’s’ failure to have enough PPE and tests and vaccines to make sure life is never inconvenienced.


  • Individual freedom denies the authority of the ruling class; the individual must be subservient to the collective—s/he must never be more than ‘the masses’ who receive their immunity cards and passports and permissions from something called the ‘state’.

To hell with all of this leftist nonsense.

It’s time to break free of the charade that this ‘pandemic’ is about a happenstance, narrow issue of physical health management. It’s about the very concept of freedom, and the continuing validity of God-given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We doubt Patrick Henry was posturing for the history books when he said “Give me liberty or give me death!” We think he meant it. America needs a whole bunch of Patrick Henrys, now.

It’s time to get mad—to feel that righteous anger—at whatever and whoever stands for the continuation of America’s pandemic paralysis. Once enough Americans get this, this enemy will be defeated just like every other enemy of America has been defeated.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.