So Many Hoaxes…Americans Are Fed Up

So Many Hoaxes…Americans Are Fed Up

The Russia collusion hoax is the most monumental official deceit and abuse of government power in the history of America, and maybe in recorded history.   The most senior officials in American government, starting with the President and Vice President of the US, and continuing on through the Director of the CIA, the Director of the FBI, numerous US Senators and assorted bureaucrats joined forces to lie to the American people, frame innocent people, fabricate evidence, and engage in all manner of leaks and manipulation to withhold, obfuscate and pervert the truth of what they were doing and why they were doing it—which was to undermine and then overthrow the duly elected President of the United States of America.

The scale of the scandal just seems beyond the ability of any human being to bring the justice and accountability that is deserved.  But Americans as a whole seem readier than ever to make it happen.

The impeachment hoax was sort of the JV-team effort.  Schiff, Vindman, Ciarmella, Yovanovitch—these people were equally determined to take down Trump, but their derangement and deceit was evident from the beginning and they were never able to fool anyone (maybe Mitt Romney was fooled; more likely, he wasn’t fooled but added his own deceit to the cause of removing a man Romney so clearly believes to be his moral inferior).

Americans were disgusted by this blatant abuse of a serious Constitutional process, but before there was any chance to vent their displeasure, the pandemic arrived.  The timing of its arrival was suspicious, and now…

Pandemic 2020 looks more and more like another hoax.  Observers have, almost from the get go, wondered whether the whole pandemic panic and shutdown episode was orchestrated Coup #3.  But this one is especially hard for Americans to swallow; they just don’t want to accept that nationally prominent doctors—‘healthcare’ leaders who supposedly serve the noble cause of public health—could be part of such a plot or scheme.  And besides, the coronavirus is not a fake disease.  People have caught it, and many have died.  Surely Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx and Bill Gates care first and foremost about helping healthy people avoid sickness and helping sick people get well.

But their behavior toward hydroxychloroquine has slowly given away the game, and more and more Americans are smelling massive fraud and deceit, again.  The dataset documenting the effectiveness of HCQ as an effective treatment for Covid-19 around the world is extensive and growing and undeniable.  The drug is established; it is widely available and cheap; and it has a decades-long documented history of no harmful side effects when properly prescribed.  If its efficacy were publicly acknowledged and supported by national officials, the pandemic fear would soon dissipate, and all of the containment measures would fade into oblivion.  Yet HCQ is still being officially denounced by Fauci and Birx and Gates and WHO, and access to it is still being suppressed by the US federal government.

The link between their official HCQ denials and their personal and financial and ideological interests in mandating a vaccine has become too obvious to ignore or deny.  Fauci is very practiced and rehearsed at playing the “I just look at the data” “I don’t have a dog in this fight” role, but after a while—after more and more covid patients around the nation and the world get well with HCQ—Fauci just looks like a man who protests too much.  He can ramble on and on about what a randomized placebo-controlled study needs to show in order to convince him of HCQ’s efficacy, but at some point he looks ridiculous:  are thousands of recovered covid patients just lying?

Fauci simply is not giving objective medical advice; he is engaged in social and political engineering using the vehicle of a pandemic to mask that engineering under the name of medical advice.

You know what else gives away the game?  It’s the link between prolonging pandemic fears…and the left’s demand for mail-in ballots in November.

Fauci is a man of the left (as his love for Hillary demonstrates, as well as his refusal to denounce BLM protests for their health risks).  Everyone on the left knows two things about the November election:  (1) Trump would win an honest election in a landslide (Trump’s approval rating and the enthusiasm of his supporters are just too strong); and (2) mail-in ballots present the perfect tool to steal an election.

So if there is to be any chance for the radical left to win/steal the November election, Fauci must keep the pandemic fears alive through November—he must continue to insist there is no cure; he must keep talking about possible re-lockdowns; he must make the virus threat appear to be steady or rising (how about a late July suggestion of wearing goggles, because who would make such a suggestion if the virus weren’t still serious?).  Then, despite the hypocrisy and inconsistency of giving a social distancing pass to leftist rioters, he can still say waiting in line to vote is too risky.  And the blue state governors and some weak red state governors are off to the races with the use of mail in ballots.

Fauci looks and acts like an anti-Trump snake orchestrating a pandemic for nefarious purposes.   Trump should have replaced him months ago.

The BLM/Antifa riots are another hoax.  There are obviously actual riots causing actual damage and destruction, but insofar as they are cast as a spontaneous eruption of long simmering hatred that a huge segment of Americans feel toward their country—they are a hoax.

BLM itself sprang from a fraudulent narrative on Trayvon Martin’s death, and its admitted hard-left Marxist agenda is not about avenging or even addressing the issues surrounding George Floyd’s death.  They are the activation of George Soros’ long held dream of overthrowing the American Republic in favor of a godless, socialist utopia.  Soros’ dream existed long before Donald Trump ran for President; Trump just happens to be in the way at this time that Soros views as more opportune than ever for executing his plan.

The George Floyd incident deeply offended the overwhelming majority of Americans, and for a while, Americans were leaning toward sympathy with the idea of ‘black lives matter’ and willing to overlook the broader BLM deception.  But it’s now more than two months after the Floyd incident, and Bible-burning by rioters in Portland just doesn’t connect in any way with Floyd, though it does connect with radical leftism.  And so Americans are catching on to this hoax, and their support for BLM is starting to decline.

Which confirms this good news:  in the internet era, and despite the unanimous ‘collusion’ of Big Tech censors, the truth about all these hoaxes is still getting out.  Americans are waking up.  The mass hypnosis and other trances are being broken.  Americans are fed up; they are rising to protect and preserve their country.  Imposing accountability on the perpetrators of all these hoaxes remains a tall task, but the first step toward accountability is to accurately see them as hoaxes.  The first step is nearly complete.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?