Fiorina, Noonan, Lowry Think It’s About Trump and Them…But It’s About America

There is nothing whatsoever that is wrong with America as founded.

America is about one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

America is about all men and women created equal by God, and endowed by God with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

America is the place where all individuals should aspire to be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.


Elites aka the ruling class give an occasional nod to some or all of the foregoing when a public gathering requires it, but in cocktail parties closed to the public, they wink and sneer at all of it. It’s for suckers or ‘bitter clingers‘; for the ignorant who don’t realize all that God stuff is silly. They, the elite, have outgrown such primitive notions, and whatever the founders may have thought about God and freedom and the advancement of humanity—all of that is quaint but irrelevant because humanity has now arrived at a post-truth, post-Christian, ‘post-modern’ (whatever that means) world. And in such a world, what matters are the personalities and credentials of who among the ruling class is in charge of various ‘institutions’, and most especially who is the President of the United States.

Which brings up Carly Fiorina, Peggy Noonan and Rich Lowry. All stepped up this past week to leave no doubt of their ruling class credentials, which is to say they demonstrated how completely lost they have become in understanding what is going on in America.

Carly Fiorina, former GOP candidate for President in 2012 (and last-minute selection as VP running mate by Ted Cruz), announced she would vote for Joe Biden in November.

Peggy Noonan triumphantly titled her latest column “The Week It Went South for Trump”.

Rich Lowry, editor-in-chief of National Review (slowly collapsing in relevance during his tenure), penned his latest column about “The Coming 2020 Train Wreck”.


Starting with Mr. Lowry, take a look at these words from his column:

“If there is one thing we know about Donald Trump, it’s that he is not one to accept defeat with high-mindedness and dignity. If he loses, there’s unlikely to be a concession phone call — one of the little grace notes of our democracy — and he will argue that he was undone by Democratic cheating.

Heck, he won in 2016 and still maintained he’d been cheated.…

The theory of Russian collusion — in which the Democrats, the media and a segment of the government invested so much — was driven by a belief that the election had been stolen with the assistance of a foreign power.”

The theory of Russian collusion….was driven by a belief that the election had been stolen with the assistance of a foreign power.”

No, Mr. Lowry. It was driven by a fraud, by a complete fabrication orchestrated by Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, and involving historically unprecedented dishonesty and corruption and criminal conspiracy at the top levels of the CIA, FBI and DOJ (among others). Trump was supposed to have been cheated out of winning, and if he won, the ‘insurance policy’ was to cheat him out of continuing in office.

Mr. Lowry plainly cannot grasp the enormity of the evil of this subversive, seditious and yes, treasonous behavior; for he and his fellow ruling class members, the smug unspoken attitude toward the little people is apparently something like: “‘politics ain’t beanbag’ so get over it.”

Sorry, but Main Street America doesn’t see it that way. Main Street America may not articulate it with the literary talent of a magazine editor, but they know, understand and feel in their hearts just how unconscionable all of it was and is. They are fiercely and righteously indignant at the whole ‘fundamental transformation’ they never voted for, and electing Trump was payback. And they are not done with payback, as you will see in November.

As to Ms. Noonan, Obama’s tenure and behavior are so yesterday. All that matters is today, and today the MSM says the country is falling apart and Donald Trump’s ‘unfit’ personality is to blame.

No, Ms. Noonan. Lies are tearing the country apart.

If Ms. Noonan could ever come to grips with the reality and magnitude of these lies, find it within herself to call them lies, and denounce the liars who tell them and their enablers in the MSM, she might have a chance at understanding the turnout of Trump supporters that is coming in November. But alas, the ruling class believes in their own polls; they just know the narrative lies they’ve created or joined have taken down Trump.

No, Ms. Noonan. Donald Trump—whether or not he fully understands it—is a proxy for America as founded, and the ruling class will never take down America as founded.  Americans have the final say on that.

Finally, as to Ms. Fiorina, nothing demonstrates ruling class self-importance more than her publicly announced decision to vote for Biden in 2020. Because the truth is, Donald Trump was brutal to her during the 2016 campaign, and if anyone can claim a personal, hurt-feelings reason to vote for Biden, she can. But she can’t be honest about that; she would look too small.

But really, Ms. Fiorina… Someone who has held the top job in major corporations is cognizant and intelligent enough to know that Joe Biden is in a dangerous state of mental decline, and will under no circumstances exercise the responsibilities of President of the United States. If he were to be elected and not immediately give way to his VP, he would be a figurehead directed by a circle of known and unknown radical leftists intent on destroying America once and for all.

Sorry, Ms. Fiorina, but no amount of Orange Man Bad arguments can justify such a decision to vote so profoundly against the interests of America. Unless you’re just a ruling class elitist.


President Trump is an amazing American character. His sheer love for America has masked or obscured all kinds of his instincts toward big government liberalism that would otherwise be a major turn off to his deplorable supporters. But they sense the genuineness of that love, and they sense it as the antidote to the radical left and the eight years of Obama damage to the country.

At the same time, Trump’s relentless and personal fight-back style has a way of triggering the people who attack him into revealing who they really are. They are people who regard themselves and their egos as more important than America.

America really is all those things pointed out at the beginning of this post. The majority of Americans still believe all those things about their country, and they still have their faith. They know Joe Biden and the hate America crowd cannot possibly be the answer for what ails the country in 2020; they know Donald Trump represents the only chance of survival for America as founded. They will show up in November to say so. And the ruling class will be flummoxed again.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?